Main activity :
   1. Carriage of passengers by bus in the country and abroad.
   2.Service and upholstery services.
   3. Sale of diesel fuel from an own gas station.
  4. Rental of premises and land

Production capacity:
   1.Transports Ltd. Blagoevgrad has a well-built material and technical facilities with the following facilities: bus station, public transportation base, service halls, rubber workshop, office for preliminary medical examination, garage, gas station, dental office, upholstery workshop.
  2.With a 62pc bus, forklift, machines and equipment in the service hall, buses with wheelchairs platforms.



073/88 40 15 , 88 40 02

fax. 073/88 40 05

bus station. 073/88 40 09

public transport 073/84 12 49